Basic obedience

Get more than just the basics with our Basic Obedience program. We specialize in In-Home to go beyond the commands and help you set up your home so the dog understands its environment. We teach you how to work sit, down, come, heel, place, stay, and leave it with a double-proof release to maintain the command, control, and release theory.

OFF-LEASH training

Same great tasks/commands with off-leash control. We use top-of-the-line equipment to maintain communication while keeping everyone safe. Learn more about how to drop the leash and give your dog more freedom while maintaining control and keeping your dog safe.

service dog training

We offer Service Dog certification from Stability/Mobility, Psychiatric, Seizure Assist to Diabetic Service Dogs. Whether you already have a dog or plan on getting one, our team will help you with the selection and training. We are bringing a high standard to the industry with affordable pricing.

behavioral modification

Our Behavioral Modification specialist has helped turn around the lives of canines and Handlers. From resource guarding and dominance aggression to fear aggression. Communication and understanding can turn even the most extreme behavior around. Each situation is unique, and we offer customized training plans to bring out the best in your canine.